Customer wrote :  I would like to be eaten by you again. Here it the story: Imagine you are a credit shark and I am late with paying my debts. I come to you and ask for an extension. Unfortunately you are very hungry so you tell me that I have to pay back my debts in a different way. I will pay with my body. You will devour me. No Joke. You explain that you are a Giantess and you are very hungry right now. I have to undress and you inspect my body. You think I am already too old to taste great, so you will give me a last orgasm. But this will not be enough, so you will eat me between cheese. We move to your bedroom for the final act. While I undress you prepare the cheese. I have to lay down on your bed. You jerk me off and eat some cheese. You ask me to watch how your teeth are destroying the cheese. The same will happen to my body soon. After I cum you shrink me down. You slowly place me between the cheese. Now you eat me up from toe to head. You end my life when you eat my head with last big bite.

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