You love my tongue and My shiny red lips. You adore My sexy body! You loving when I blow kisses at you. Imagining what it would be like if you could actually make out with me. Imagine if you could feel my lips against your skin or my breath against your neck. Imagine My body so close to your body! Imagine the warmless of My wet pussy! My skin! My moanings so close ... Let's fantasize! I will tell you a naughty storys about us! Will make you super hard! It would be an honor to be touched by lips of a Goddess, but we both know that would never happen. Instead, you just jerk off to my clips and on my lips, day after day, obsessing over my face and body. It’s an honor to be addicted to such a divine pout. If you’re lucky, I’ll even let you cum to them up close as you fantasize your dirtiest thoughts about my lips. 

Zum Domina Video